Trekking at Madhugiri

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Madhugiri is considered to be a fabulous place for adventurists to go out for weekend getaways, camping, treks, corporate outings and to undertake adventure activities.

About Madhugiri

It is considered to be a Taluk headquarter located in Karnataka’s Tumkur district. This town is said to have got its name from Madhu-giri (honey hill) a hillock located to the north of this place. This place is said to have been declared by the state educational department of Karnataka as an Educational District. It includes Pavagada, Koratagere, Sira and Madhugiri Taluks.

Madhugiri is regarded to be a single hill located at an elevation of 1200m (3,930ft.). In Asia, it is stated to be the 2nd largest monolith. There exists a fort on the steep slopes of Madhugiri. The 3 gateways of this fort are Diddibagilu, Antaralada Bagilu and Mysuru Gate. Also is present a set of doorways that leads to this hill. At the top exists a ruined temple dedicated to lord Gopalakrishna.

It was during the 17th century about 1670 AD that Raja Hira Gowda had undertaken the original mudfort’s construction. The Gowda family had been prompted by an interesting incident to construct the fortress. A sheep had strayed and went missing at this particular hillock and returned late at night and was dripping with water. This was a wonderful sign for the locals, who assumed that it is a welcome sign especially for the region that is found to be rain deficient. Hence, a decision was taken to develop a fortress. It is from Madhugiri Fort that the Gowdas ruled the region.

The name of this hillock is said to have been derived from Honeybee colonies that were quite prevalent during those days that were found on the fortress’ northern parts. Two large temples can be found in Madhugiri, with one being Malleswara and the other Venkatramana. A Jaina temple is found on the fort’s precincts.

This place is also called Maddagiri. It is north of the Tumkuru town that it is located about 43 km and northwest of the city of Bengaluru about 107km. The surrounding greenery and monolith of Madhugiri is regarded to be some of its main attractions. This place also boasts of having ancient temples of Malleshwara and Venkataramnanaswami that was constructed by the feudatories of Vijayanagiri in Dravidian style.

The rock dome where the fort is located is considered to be the highlight of the region. Several doorways are said to lead towards the top, while the climb is exposed and steep in few places.

Madhugiri trek activities to be undertaken this summer

Date: Sunday, 30 Apr, 2017

Time: 6am to 6pm

Organized by: Basecamp Adventures

Pickup point: HSR BDA Complex

Fees: Rs. 1300

Trek Route: The trek begins at Madhugiri base moves through Madhugiri Fort and ends at Madhugiri base.

Trekking time and distance: 6 to 7 hours and about 8 kms. Long.

Trek type: Difficult and Strenuous with rocky terrain

Highlights: Fort, Hillocks and Valleys

In short, the right planning can help the trekking at Madhugiri a wonderful experience.

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