Snapshot of Memories- Baby Photographer

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Snapshot of Memories

Photographs are pictures which are made with a camera focusing on some light sensitive objects and make them visible through a chemical treatment or are digitally stored. This art of capturing pictures is known as Photography.

Photo shoots are generally the sessions where photographer clicks pictures. They may be for fashion or glamor industries, magazines or newspaper prints. They may be for commercial use or personal family shots which may include maternal shoots, baby photo shoots or couple shoots including pre-marriage photo shoots.

One of the most common families shoots is baby photo shoots. Baby photos are a very emotional part in parent’s life. Each and every moment of kid’s birth from the first time he walked to the first time a word was spoken is captured by parents and stored in their precious memories through photos and videos.

People also prefer pregnancy to post maternity photo shoots that is a bump to baby session shoot capturing the most beautiful transformation of a little one from a bump of belly to a cute little new born. The whole transit can be captured with series of pictures.

The age of babies is an important aspect for proper clicks. All babies are quite different from each other but right age gives a slight prediction over the proper session. Younger babies between 5 to 10 days after birth make more curly and flexible poses and have their clothes off easily if kept warm. They can sleep much longer and have feeding schedules in every two hours. Whereas newborn of less than that age has improper feeding schedules. Babies more than 2 weeks of age are more awake and well dressed with more personalisation and proper expressions.

Due to the artistic mind and the proper camera poses and effects were done by photographer, the baby shoots can be glowing and enchanting. There are several baby photographers in Thane who click awesome pictures. Famous baby photographer Thane makes the pictures more candid with the use of proper baby safety measures which include no sharp nails, any jewelry items including rings, etc. not to be worn which can harm the baby and proper sanitization of hands continuously throughout sessions.

Some of the guidelines include never leave the baby alone, make baby comfortable in whichever pose it is, maintaining proper temperatures (for proper circulations i.e. neither too cold nor extremely hot, it should be warm). Safety with baby reflexes are utmost as they are quick and startled (can roll or lunge).

One of the parents should always be near the baby and ensure babily is not unaddressed. Whether the babies are in bean bags, buckets or baskets or handheld, the safety should be a priority.

There are some interesting trends as far as photography of babies are concerned

  • In the earlier stages, babies tend to be in a much longer state of sleep than the older ones
  • When they are born, within 2 weeks which means that they have a fetal position, and you can put them in any pose of your choice.

Baby photo shoots are very emotional memories for parents, whether it is just born babies or the ones with awake bright big eyes or the ones which are cuddling to their parents or siblings, baby photo shoots Thane capture each milestone of newborn in a splendid manner with proper baby safety guidelines.

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