Get More Coaching for Studio Test to Top the NID Entrance Exams

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NIFT coaching classes

Students interested in the design courses offered at the National Institute of Design (NID) must have got the results of the examination for their M. Des. Prelims. The Admit Cards for Studio Tests and Interview is available online for download from 14 February 2017.

Important dates for the exam

The results for the DAT for both B. Des. and GDPD will be announced on 28 February 2017. The Admit Cards for the B. Des. and the GDPD aspirants is available online for the NID Studio Test Preparations and the Interviews from 7 March 2017. All the three campuses will conduct the Studio Tests and Interviews on 31 March 2017.

Join a coaching centre

To prepare for the Studio Test one must proper coaching. Joining a coaching centre and learning the things they will ask will help immensely. Usually, they take a logical and creative stance towards the testing process. You will need to know about Material Strength and Properties, balancing the materials, and showing they work with one another.

Prepare previous year question papers

Preparing the answers to all the previous year’s question papers will prove a tough proposition. Coaching centres have well-prepared answers for you if you are willing to go through them. Having interactive sessions with the teachers help you understand how the examiners will interact during the examination.

NID Studio

Practice a lot

First thing to do is to concentrate on developing the personal skill in modelling and sketching. One must have the ratios right and take care to add lot of detail during the sketching. Practice using the daily cartoons in the newspaper and see if you get the right expression each time. This will tell where you must concentrate to bring out the best in your sketching ability.

The modelling section is another place where one must concentrate. You need to have the ability to work with different material such as string, clay, paper, or wire. Create models using these materials in your free time. Spend three or four hours working and reading the material daily. One cannot stress enough on the usefulness of the coaching classes for helping you through these learning stints.

Prepare for the personal interview

You also need to orient yourself for the interview. They ask question such as these –

  • Why do you think you are good for becoming a design professional?
  • Where do you go from here in your life?
  • Is there any particular thing you like about the design field?
  • Is there any specific thing you wish to do, once you become a design professional?

The answers are personal and so you must project your personality when you answer these questions. The more forceful and direct you are, the more points you get for your answer. Try to be natural and give natural answers – if you bluff you, they will disqualify you immediately. Have your portfolio ready. Spend some time preparing your portfolio. Include your best project in this and show how your work is different.

Remember that they select three students in the place of one. So, they will eliminate one student in the final stage of the processing. Be sure to live up to the competition. Get god preparation through some good institute that specializes in training NID candidates.

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