Characteristics & Symptoms of Cancer

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A special type of a disease, cancer is mostly characterized through an abnormal cell growth. The disease actually harms the body when the cells start dividing abnormally, in order to form lumps or masses. These lumps or tumors are usually known to harm other body parts quickly, and that is why immediate medical intervention is suggested. If the tumors continue to grow, it starts to interfere with various organs such as the digestive systems, nervous systems and circulatory systems. But,

But, growth of tumors does not necessarily mean that you are diagnosed with cancer. Growth of benign tumors is very common nowadays and doctors usually treat these ones, depending on patient requirements. Benign tumors are one that do not grow abnormally but pose a risk only when it threatens to block your system.

As per the opinions of the medical experts, cancer cells cause an invasion, i.e. it moves around to interfere in the blood circulatory systems, thus posing a major threat to the healthy tissues. The process is very often referred to as metastasis, resulting into a much complicated situation. Cancer is understood to be a life threatening disease and it takes a toll on your entire metabolic process. Cancer is advised to be treated at an early stage, when the doctors feel that the disease is curable.

Cancer – Types and categories

In order to treat such a life threatening disease, you are required to get in touch with the best doctors in India from an oncology background. Best oncology surgeons in India is not very rare and they are usually attached with renowned cancer research centers as well. However, the treatment process of cancer depends on the portion of the body where it had spread its wings and thus treatment requires a specialized approach. Various categories of cancer which require a specialized approach of treatment are as given below:

  1. Liver Cancer
  2. Lung cancer
  3. Colon Cancer
  4. Prostate cancer
  5. Breast cancer
  6. Anal Cancer
  7. Cervical cancer
  8. Anal cancer
  9. Kidney cancer
  10. Leukemia
  11. Stomach cancer
  12. Ovarian cancer to name a very few

As per the opinions of experts there over 200 different types of cancer. Each type requires a specialized approach for treatment in order to get an assured outcome.

Approach and methodology for Cancer treatment – Latest trends

In order to diagnose cancer various medical tests are suggested which can assure the process of abnormal cell growth. Right and timely diagnosis of the disease is extremely important in order to take the right approach towards a fruitful treatment. However, there has been much progress in cancer treatment, in the recent past, due to invention of technology. Better understanding of cell biology, genetics and genomics had given rise to a positive approach in cancer treatment. Evolving as a logical discipline, cancer research relates to the history of genes and proteins within cells which can drive the process of malignant cell proliferation. Best oncology surgeons in India however are of the opinion that surgery in an early stage can stop the cell growth immediately. However, depending on individual requirements a non-surgical approach can also be undertaken.


Although cancer has become the commonest cause for deaths in India, the disease can be cured if identified at an early stage. A symptomatic treatment approach has become a new trend in treating cancer. Research results suggest that, there can several approaches adopted for treatment process. Of course, this depends on the individual requirements and complications thereof.

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