Capture Your Child’s Infancy Through Photographs

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Parents to newborns are excited and emotional at the same time. They want to enjoy every moment with their baby as they realize that time will fly by and their baby will grow up soon. They want to cherish those moments and possibly make them last forever. A parent cannot stop a baby from growing up but definitely can capture and frame the memories in the form of photographs. It is a way to capture and eternalize the bond shared between the newborn child and the parents.

Today, many parents are choosing to get professional photo shoots done for their newborns. These photoshoots are done in a way that is fun for the baby and the parents as well. Various themes, costumes, decorations, etc. can be used for these photo shoots. Some people like a more emotional photo shoot that depicts the happiness of the parents to their infant around, other go for a fun one which has a theme; for example, a superhero theme. The type of photo shoot depends on the personality of the parents getting it done.

The photoshoot has to organized keeping the comfort of the baby in mind. The baby should ideally be fed well before the shoot. If your baby is even slightly unwell, it is better to reschedule with the photographer so that the baby is not disturbed. Hygiene during the shoot should be maintained perfectly as newborns are susceptible to infections. No harsh lighting must be used. Very comfortable and soft fabric should be used for the costumes. But as we all know, naked babies make the cutest pictures. Sleeping, all curled up, also make very good shots for the album.

There are many such photographers providing infant photography in Mumbai. You can find these photographers listing online and browse their portfolio before finalizing the best one for your baby’s photo shoot. These photoshoots have different price ranges depending on what you want. You can definitely find something in your budget without compromising on the quality of the photoshoot. As a common practice, the photographer will work on the pictures after the shoot and do the required editing before giving the pictures to you.

Newborn photography in Mumbai is a steadily growing concept as parents find it very important to document their child’s life from the very beginning. It is similar to the ‘Baby book’ concept where instead of a book and handwritten notes, there are photographs. The whole process is to capture the baby in his/her element, in different moods.

Once the children are all grown up, these pictures make for wonderful memories for the parents and the children can see what their newborn phase was like. These photographs will always remind the parents of the special time they spent with their little ones which can never be taken away from them.


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